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Even if it's just one girl in the group that you like.

I think you get to know her and hang out with her and have fun without having to worry about the commitment.

The young celebs were given a hands-on demo on the Surface devices and a variety of software featured on them including Scriptation and Office 365 as well as games such as Minecraft.

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, ‘s August Maturo, and Ava Kolker, Brighton Sharbino, Cody Veith, Elias Harger, Garrett Clayton, Hudson Yang, James Maslow, Jason Maybaum, Merit Leighton, and real life couple Nathaniel Potvin and Kayla Maisonet were also seen at the event.

Shane’s birthday is actually on Valentine’s Day so we decided to celebrate both and just have a chilled night in.

He wanted to watch the basketball game, so we did that and then some nice cooking together.' Charity supporter: Bridgit was recently in the UK to fundraise for Comic Relief, with shoppers in the Disney Store given the aim of making her laugh with their jokes for a £1 Disney donation to the charity She said: 'We’re just finishing up with season four of Good Luck Charlie on Disney Channel, so, I’m excited for all the fans to see that.In 2010, Dolley began appearing in his second Disney Channel Original Series, Good Luck Charlie as P. We sympathize, but technology keeps improving and we have to keep up, too.Jolene had ‘beauty beyond compare’ and ‘flaming locks of auburn hair with ivory skin and eyes of emerald green’ — in short, a femme fatale of the most dangerous kind, against whom even the ravishingly pretty Dolly was unable to compete.On stage at Glastonbury on Sunday, Dolly talked again about Jolene and said that when she sees her ageing, greying husband slumbering in his chair, she often thinks how much she’d like to ring up Jolene and ask her if she still wants to steal her husband.Speaking to Mail Online, Bridgit said: 'I think it makes it easier, especially when it’s a person who you’ve worked with for a long time.Everybody knows us really well, we’ve been working with each other for the past four years, and everybody loves him and loves us together.'She said: 'Valentine’s Day was really fun!When they find themselves stranded between Denver and Utah, they try to hitch a ride to Las Vegas with a seemingly normal older couple in a station wagon from Roswell, New Mexico. is an American actor and musician, known for his roles in Disney Channel shows and movies.‘Sometimes he goes to the grocery store and he sees a magazine with some story about me. Behind the outward frivolity is a woman of deep religious faith, who says her Christianity pulled her through a dark time in the Eighties when she had a partial hysterectomy and realised she would never have the children she’d longed for.‘I’m doing my life story as a musical and I’d like to see my life story on screen. I want to have my own cosmetics company, sell my own make-up, wigs, hair ornaments, jewellery.He’ll bring it home and say: “I see you’re having Burt Reynolds’s baby again”.‘He has seen so much of it over the years.


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