Why do men find me intimidating

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You may even find yourself looking around for more to write about once you’re in the habit of writing most days.Can you really trust that what your husband is saying is really what he means or is there something else going on?I actually wrote a post about this particular topic recently…If your man is not making you feel safe and secure, something is wrong.Let’s say you hubby has had a really bad day, but so to have you.But what if you are married to a guy who finds it far too comfortable to scream or yell at you to make his point.Such a situation suggests the marriage or relationship is flawed.The process of writing clearly usually involves starting with some sort of basic outline.But since “outline” is another one of those scary words from English class, I want to offer you the phrase I use to describe the initial stage of writing — Building the backbone refers to the process of working out the basics of the idea you want to express by deciding on a topic, then hashing out the underlying structure of how you’ll present your information.You, in the meantime, are mentally calculating how many minutes are left before lunchtime.Here’s the thing about learning to write: It’s not about the terms above. But if you think learning to write well is about mastering grammar, you’re missing the point.


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