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I was able to meet several people in the tourism sector in the Pacific Harbour because my girlfriend at the time went to school with them and she saw them my blog. As someone who travels a lot, I wanted to get inside the villages and see life in Fiji away from the plastic tourism tours. In both cases, they were able to help me visit the village.

There is no way that I could have been able to go to Rewa Delta and find some hidden village without dating a woman that was originally from the village and had a house that her father built there still! Sadly, Fijian women can be like Filipina (ok, not quite that bad) women when it comes to see men as their ticket to America, the land of milk and honey.

It is not quite the walking ATM view of white skin that exist in the Philippines but it can make you question some motives.

Additionally, men swipe right three times more often than women do, according to the So if you're a man using dating apps to find a relationship, you have the odds stacked against you.

Fortunately, there's one surefire way you can make yourself stand out from the crowd: pick a good photo.

"What we’ve noticed is that girls are more inclined to take pictures," says Melissa Hobley, CMO for Ok Cupid.

"Guys are less included to do so, so when guys find pictures of themselves the only ones they have are from Facebook or Instagram where they are out.Women feel the exact same way when you post a group photo, so just don't do it. Ones that convey your passions, whether that’s your latest Spartan Race, skiing, that glass of wine you drank in Spain, that car you raced, or that time you and your friends spent the day at the beach. According to Ok Cupid research, photos of guys with dogs get a ton of attention, says Hobley.) Use the photos to tell a story about who you are. And if you’re really unsure about whether or not your photos are up to snuff, ask a female friend to take a look.I opened my email this morning to a message from a reader who wanted to know what dating a Fijian woman is like.I actually had a Fijian woman tell me point blank that she wanted to date me to go to the United States!This is the biggest challenge to dating a woman while in Fiji.In fact, many people have better experiences by NOT dating locals!In the context of Fiji, I would say that overall my dating experience was mostly positive. The most important in life when you are in Fiji is getting the best kava and if you are dating a native Fijian woman, she is going to know where to get the best of the best root.This is something that most women in America or Australian would not be cool with and think there are better things to do then drink some sour mixture and clap their hands afterwards. Fiji is a pretty small place and it is ran by village life.As a byproduct of that, the people tend to be very connected within their families.While this can be a double edged sword, it can be very useful.This is especially true if you need something done.


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