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I don't keep my marriage a secret from the guys I date — I don't take off my rings and I mention my husband and kids in front of them — but I also don't make it an issue. I feel like my work, thanks to all those business trips, has made it easy to fall into them without doing much damage to my everyday life.Often, they're cheating as well, and I feel there's an unspoken code about what we do and don't discuss. I haven't said "I love you" to anyone else since I met my husband, and I do sometimes wonder how my husband feels toward the women he meets.

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Sometimes, I truly am just going out for a glass of wine with a girlfriend, but I like the intrigue that I could be meeting a man.

I'm pretty sure when he goes out, it's to meet a woman — or women.

It seemed tawdry and gross, and I resented the fact that all my husband had to do was slip off his ring and he'd look single.

Meanwhile, I was huge, hormonal, and knew my husband was cheating on me.

I told him that I'd no longer ask questions, that I didn't want to know. We reaffirmed that we loved each other, and that wouldn't change.

And then, without drawing up any official rules, we embarked on our anything-but-traditional relationship.

We got married seven years ago and now have two sons, ages 4 and nearly 2.

The arguments started up again during my first pregnancy.

He'll send texts, but I'm not obligated to respond.

I text him if I won't be coming home (which, truthfully, happens very rarely since we've had kids), and I always have safe sex.


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