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But the adorable couple share a bond over a love of Disney and theme parks, often being snapped at Disney World on their Instagrams. The four-time women's champion Bliss hopes women will one day headline Wrestlemania as she spearheads a new breed of female talent in WWE.Zack Ryder and Chelsea Green Despite being a firm fan favourite, Zack Ryder has never quite enjoyed the success many felt he deserved in WWE.

But he is certainly happy outside of the ring, currently one year into a relationship with former WWE Tough Enough contestant Chelsea Green.

She was wrestling for company Impact Wrestling, until she was released from her contract in January 2018.

The couple eventually came together, and got engaged sometime at the end of 2016.

Murphy – who remains in WWE’s training programme – and Bliss have said they only get to see each other for around six hours a week.

Occasionally, Taker drops his guard and appears on her social media feeds – while keeping himself strictly offline.

Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy Before she was the all-conquering queen of the women’s division, Alexa Bliss used to manage the hotshot tag-team of Black and Murphy on WWE developmental show NXT.

Taker notoriously closely guards his personal life, rarely allowing himself to be seen in unguarded public.

The two eventually wed in June, 2010, in his home state of Texas and had their first child Kaia Faith in 2012.

Many men and women in wrestling tend to date other wrestlers because the lifestyle is unique and challenging. Josh has not yet broken into the official WWE roster. I can’t explain the relationship between Evolve and the WWE, but suffice to say he still wrestles in the minor league.

It’s hard to make it…Baron Corbin’s girlfriend Rochelle Roman attended the Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium to watch Baron win the Battle Royal.


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