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They want to have their cake (the breakup) and eat it too (not have the person they're haunting to be with someone else).The third reason is that they feel the need to bug the person they're haunting."If this isn’t checked you can lose a sense of trust and the belief that two people can meet, like each other, and form a relationship in a natural, easy way.

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Sprung, for all its flaws, got it right – the drawings aren't repulsive.

On seeing this character model in a video game, my first reaction, based purely on survival instinct, would be to punch it in the face repeatedly.

Sometimes it's because there's something up in their own lives and they're just projecting it onto you. Dating can be tough, but resorting to games is not the answer.

But it's really annoying and really, All over you one minute and wants nothing to do with you the next?

It's a sign that they're not really being authentic in their dating life — and no grown-ass woman has time for that.

So why do people even play games in the first place?Well, a lot of people assume that's the way dating is supposed to be."You may automatically assume that dating is some kind of game or competition to be mastered rather than something fun and enjoyable," relationship therapist Aimee Hartstein, LCSW tells Bustle."People haunt for one of a few reasons," relationship coach and founder of Maze of Love, Chris Armstrong, tells Bustle."Reason one would be that they didn't want it to end and they're infatuated with the person they're haunting.Just in case you’ve been living under a rock or are a noob who doesn’t follow us on Instagram, you may have missed our Showpo Instagram Advent Calendar; daily deals from gifts with purchase, exclusive discounts, and some epic competitions.Yesterday our competition was a sparkly number for NYE, and given it’s a night where people prowl around looking for someone to kiss at midnight, I thought what a better time than to find the funniest pick-up lines.Breadcrumbing is a slow and painful death of a relationship, whereas ghosting makes it clear — eventually — that the person is gone."If you get the feeling you're being breadcrumbed, just cut it off. But if you've made it clear you want a relationship and they keep moving the deadline about when they'll decide what they want, that's not OK.Making you feel jealous on purpose is always just awful.The winner and all runner-up entries are below – prepare to giggle, roll your eyes, and spit out your afternoon cwaffee.My winning lass was @lisannepiers, who had me in stitches with her MULTIPLE hilarious pick-up lines….


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