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IE Shortcuts Online Data Storage WMP and DVD WMP Video Settings Data Execution Prevention Cryptographic Service Scannow sfc Download IE6 Windows File Protection Computer Workstation Ergonomics Windows XP Task Manager Stop Messages Windows automatic updates Malicious Software Removal Tool Windows Error 0x C0000005 Visit Term Paper Easy whenever you need to purchase a paper.Shutdown problems in Windows XP can be caused by many factors, just like earlier versions of Windows.

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During such a hang, there is no response to Ctrl Alt Del; the mouse may or may not work. This is a known bug in Windows XP, for which Microsoft has a supported fix.

To learn how to get this patch, see MSKB 307274, “Windows XP Stops Responding (Hangs) During Windows Shutdown.” The necessary patch is included in Windows XP Service Pack 1, and also is now available on the Windows Update site under “Recommended Updates” for Win XP Professional, titled “Restarting Windows XP.” However, to find it, you may need to reconfigure how Windows Update appears for you, by enabling the Windows Update Catalog as follows: At the Windows Update page, click and find the “Restarting Windows XP” patch which references Q307274.

(STOP messages are identified by an 8-digit hexadecimal number, but also commonly written in a shorthand notation; e.g., a STOP 0x0000000A may also be written Stop 0x A.) Here are a few that may affect Win XP shutdown and restart.

Stop 0x9F and Stop 0x8E are two of the most common of these at shutdown, and generally point to a bad driver.

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This website will inform you about important Windows XP related issues from updates to tips, training to security advice, even how to use Windows XP to run an online business from home and what web hosting to use. The Windows XP Scannow Tool Windows XP has the ability to protect itself from system instability caused by 3rd party software overwriting important system files.

Most Win XP shutdown problems reported thus far have been that it reboots when shutdown is attempted.

This may be a global symptom emerging from several distinct causes, because, by default, XP executes an automatic restart in the event of a system failure.


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